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A Dog Training Collar With A Bark Worth It's Bite | The Dog Silencer Pro

A Dog Training Collar With A Bark Worth It's Bite | The Dog Silencer Pro

A Dog Training Collar With A Bark Worth It’s Bite


A Collar With A Bark Worth It’s Bite?

I’m not real sure what I meant by the title but I sure do wish the Sonic Bark Control Collar was called the Sonic Bark Control Training Collar instead.
Let me explain what I mean by that before you just shake your head in confusion and leave.
Sonic Bark Control Collar
As far as “Does the collar work?”, the answer is yes.
In answer to the question “Does it work instantly?”
No, of course it doesn’t work instantly or magically keep your dog from barking just by wearing it.
This is because the Sonic Bark Control Collar is a dog TRAINING device, not a magic wand.
Eliminate Nuisance Barking
The devices you see on TV and in pop-ups all around the net, Bark Off, Barks Away, No Bark No More (I made that one up) all work on the same basic principle; ultrasonic sound.
Dogs hear on a different level than humans and some sound frequencies are very irritating to them.
Most of these frequencies just happen to be in the ultrasonic range, both high and low, so theSonic Bark Control Collar (and the Dog Silencer Pro) utilizes them as part of a training routine to teach your animal (or animals) to not participate in nuisance or boredom barking.
So why should you pay $60 to $100 for one of the collars I am describing here?
It all boils down to “you get what you pay for”.
My Moen
A very recent example in my life where this applies is the kitchen faucet I had to replace last week.
I bought a Moen.
I paid $225 for that Moen faucet and passed on the Delta for $139, the Peerless for $79 and a few other nice ones that would have worked just fine.
I bought the Moen because it is the best faucet on the market and I KNOW it will always work when I need it too, even 20 yrs from now.
When you pay $10 for something that says it will do amazing things (Barks Off), expect to be let down.
When you buy a product from Good Life, expect to be impressed.
This training collar has all the great features that veterinarians, kennel owners and law enforcement officers have been asking for!
The Secrets To Dog Training
Does your pup have more than a barking problem?
If so, The Secrets To Dog Training may be just what you need.
Read more about it HERE or click the link below to go to my Sit Stay Fetch page.

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