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Dog Silencer Pro Reviews

Dog Silencer Pro

Here are a few positive reviews from some customers who have purchased and used the Dog Silencer Pro.

Dog Silencer Pro Reviews

…and then they blissfully SHUT UP

Ever since the McCastles development went up behind my rural location, peace and quiet has been just a fond memory.

A lawyer lives just north of my house, and his adorable little border collie (who evidently can hear squirrels burping) spends hours on the back deck vocalizing his displeasure.

Reasonable attempts at discussion about the problem were met with- well, given his profession, you can guess.

So, I went on-line and found the Dog Silencer Pro – did a fair amount of research, and aside from a couple of negative reviews, I thought it would be the answer to the problem.

I bought it directly from the company – their customer service is awesome, and they delayed shipment for me (I ran an electric line to the shed nearest the tree where it would be installed – the device needs a clear shot at the offending animal, and foliage was in the way, so it’s up in a tree) until I could get everything ready.

I received it and installed it, and lo and behold, the dog started winding up for his nightly yapping fest, got two barks out, and then blissfully SHUT UP.

To be fair, I’m going to have to tell this guy’s neighbors, so they can get one too.

I live behind him, and the dog is about 75′ away, but it still is effective, and I’m delighted.

If you buy one and it doesn’t work, they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Spend the few extra dollars and get the adapter and extension cord.

I think you’ll be glad you did.

…worked magically

I bought this over a year ago, and it has worked magically until just recently.

I’m thinking the unit may have some environmental damage now.

I bought the adapter and keep it plugged in, and it seems the remote worked also.

…barks 2-3 times a night for 10 minutes each time

I have two neighboring dogs about 40 feet from my bedroom window who like to bark 2-3 times a night, for about 10 minutes each time.

They are confined in a small kennel outside a shed.

One of the dogs seemed very sensitive to this device, darting into the shed whenever I set it off.

The other dog has never acted like he can hear it, but follows the other one and shuts up anyway.

…I just clean the dust out with canned air

I have found that if I unplug the unit and clean the dust out with canned air, it seems to work again.

This time, however, I think it is at the end of it’s life, as doing this had no effect last night.

I plan to buy a new one and try it, to see if my damage theory is correct, because it worked so well for so long.

…instead of evicting the dogs

My mom purchased a couple of these as she has a trailer court and was having lots of complaints about barking.

Instead of evicting the dogs she decided to try it out and the dogs don’t bark anymore.

So if it doesn’t work I don’t know why they all stopped barking.

What is better is she took it to another location to try it on some different dogs and after a few days the dogs at the first location realized it was gone and started it again.

I have heard it doesn’t work on all dogs but it works great for us and there are many dogs in the area and lots of different breeds.

Dog Silencer Pro

…wildly contradicting reviews

It’s interesting researching products online.

You always come across such wildly contradicting reviews.

I have a hard time understanding how some of the reviewers below me had a bad experience with using this.

It worked within 10 minutes on my lab.

I love her to death but the incessant barking was driving me up the wall!

…the occasional “test” bark

I plugged in the Dog Silencer and all it took was two barks and she stopped in her tracks!

In the two weeks since, she occasionally lets out what I could only describe as a “test” bark – a bark at half volume and she has this look like she knows she’s trying to get away with something – and as soon as the unit goes off she silent!

(There’s a light on the front that lets you know that the unit is sounding off when it’s in the ultrasonic mode)

…worked in Customer Service

I’ve worked in Customer Service in the past and I’ve found that customers that have a bad experience are a minority, but a very vocal one.

For every one person that writes a bad review, there’s probably 10 that are “fat and happy” but have no motivation to write reviews.

Just my 2 cents.

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