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Dog Silencer Pro Reviews | The Dog Silencer Pro

Dog Silencer Pro Reviews | The Dog Silencer Pro

Dog Silencer Pro Reviews
A Happy Customer

T n T Reviews – The Dog Silencer Pro

Most people love products, but Kelsey and I love products.
Whether it’s cosmetics, fashion, jewelery, wine or something to make the neighbor dog stop barking, we both love all kinds of products.
Kelsey and I
We often talk about restaurants too.
Trust me when I say what Kelsey….and probably most of the people on the planet…look for in a restaurant is very different from what I look for in a restaurant.
Not All About The Food
You will see it’s not all about the food for me because I believe a restaurant is so much more then just the food.
Kelsey is 20.
I am…older then 20.
She says black.
Black Dog White Dog
I say white.
Together we have quite a different view on things.
But sometimes, just sometimes, we’ll agree on something.
Today is a review from me and let me state right off the bat, I get absolutely nothing for talking about this product.
I researched and then paid for it myself because this was the product I thought would be the best for us.
I didn’t mention the product when I wrote this post because the product hadn’t come in yet.
And I’m a firm believer in testing a product first before I start talking about it.
I wanted to say a resounding yes or no on whether it worked.
The product is from Good Life and it’s called the Dog Silencer Pro.
I am here to tell you this product works.
Oh my word does it work!
Dog Looking
There are other products on the market but my circumstances were a bit different in that I live on an acreage.
I needed something that went above and beyond.
I live on 3 acres and the neighbor who has the barking dog lives on 5 acres.
You see where I’m going with this?
I needed something that would go a long way.
Dog Silencer Pro vs The Competition
The Dog Silencer Pro detects barking up to three times further than any other anti-bark device available today. A 75 foot sound sensor range to be exact. It humanely trains dogs to stop barking by emitting a high-pitched sonic and ultrasonic sounds (which is inaudible to humans) in direct response to every bark.
Reprinted with Permission from A Spot of T –

Dog Silencer Pro Training System – Man’s New Best Friend

Amanda Cortez, L.A. Splash Magazine, 3/13/2008
Chihuahua Mix
I have three Chihuahua mix dogs who love to bark at night when they hear an unfamiliar sound.
Needless to say, this left me unable to sleep soundly resulting in being a bit grouchy during the day.
Dog Silencer Pro Training System
I wasn’t been able to control their barking until I used the Dog Silencer Pro Training System.
This revolutionary device has changed my life.
It works by using high-pitched sonic (audible) and ultrasonic (inaudible to humans) sounds to humanely train dogs to stop barking.
On Off Switch
So you decide if you want to hear the high pitch or not.
My dogs no longer bark at night when they hear an unfamiliar sound, and I sleep like a baby because I set the level so that humans can’t hear the pitch.
Battery Operated
Even better, the Dog Silencer Pro Training System is also battery operated.
My furry babies tend to bark a lot when they see strangers at a stop light or sign-their barking is gone-yeah!!!
I just slip my 9 volt battery in the Dog Silencer Pro Training System and drive without them distracting me.
This has been a blessing!!!
No Shock Collars
I’m ashamed to say that I bought the shock collars, but after using them a few times, I couldn’t do that to my three babies.
The Dog Silencer Pro Training System is a humane training technique.
It’s an age-old principle that teaches dogs to associate their barking with the irritating frequencies.
Unlike shock collars, which are painful and can be used only on one dog.
Dog Silencer Pro Indoor Outdoor
The Dog Silencer Pro Training System is the world’s first indoor AND outdoor bark control device as well as the first anti-bark unit to operate electrically or with a single 9 volt battery.
The exclusive High Pressure Transducer carries sound further than any other anti-bark unit on the market so even the most strong-willed dog can’t feign deafness.
You can stand the Dog Silencer Pro Training System on any surface, and cutouts on the back of the unit so you can hang it anywhere.
Dog Silencer Pro Remote
The remote control is awesome – the Dog Silencer Pro Training System package includes a tiny keychain remote control – the only bark control device in the industry to include such a luxury.
So if you have a barking neighbor named Spot, consider the Dog Silencer Pro Training System your friend.
Dog Silencer Pro Training System can be used virtually anywhere without you having to ask permission from your neighbors.
More information about the Dog Silencer Pro Training System:
1. Consult with your veterinarian before using the Dog Silencer Pro Training System with a puppy.
2. It is recommended that you do not use ultrasonic bark control devices in combination with invisible fence systems. This is because the ultrasound frequencies emitted by their bark control devices are very similar to those emitted by the invisible fence Collar. This may cause confusion and interfere with the dog’s training.
3. If within the first few days you notice your dog barking at the unit or barking more than usual, this is simply part of the learning process in which the dog associates its bark with the sounds emitting from the Dog Silencer Pro Training System.
Neighbor's Dog
This device is great because it will shut your dog up (or your neighbor’s dog) without any hassle.
You just plug in the adapter (or use one 9 volt battery) and adjust the level of volume.
You choose whether you want to hear the pitch or not.

Advanced Dog School
Dogs Learn differently, some will train within a few days and others in a few weeks.
I found the Dog Silencer Pro Training System works best in quiet areas.
I tried it in my front yard where there was a lot of noise and the product picked up very loud noises, which activated the pitch, and confused the dogs.
The Dog Silencer Pro Training System trains dogs to stop nuisance barking (boredom and attention-getting barking) but is designed to have no effect on instinctual or protective barking.
You can see a video about the Dog Silencer Pro Training System when you log on
For other products to tame your barking hound see their home website
Reprinted with Permission from L.A. Splash Magazine – L.A. Splash Magazine
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