Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How The Dog Silencer Pro Works | The Dog Silencer Pro

How The Dog Silencer Pro Works | The Dog Silencer Pro

How The Dog Silencer Pro Works

How Does The Dog Silencer Pro Work?

Dog Silencer Pro From GoodLife

Best In The Industry

The highly requested Dog Silencer Pro quickly and humanely trains single and multiple dogs to stop barking using ultrasonic frequencies similar to a canine training whistle.
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
We experienced an explosive demand for the Dog Silencer Pro directly after putting it on the market, and are proud to include a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Our Customers
Our customers expect the best.
We provide it.

How It Works

Sound Sweep Technology
Our exclusive Sound Sweep Technology™ fluctuates through a range of sonic (audible) or ultrasonic (inaudible to humans) high pitched sound waves to target dogs with the most annoying frequency.
Dog Listening
Your Bark Recognition Technology™ ensures the sound frequencies only activate while the dog barks and turns off the precise moment the dog stops barking.
Hiding Dog
Eventually the dog stops barking to avoid being harassed by the powerful ultrasonic sound waves.
Dog Silencer Pro Distance
The combination of these two superior technologies makes the Dog Silencer Pro one of the most effective anti-bark systems today.

No Shock Technology

No Shock Collars
Our humane training technique uses an age-old principle that teaches dogs to associate their barking with the irritating frequencies.
Unlike shock collars that are painful and can be used only on one dog, the Dog Silencer Pro can be used virtually anywhere without you having to ask permission from your neighbors.
The Dog Silencer Pro trains dogs to stop nuisance barking (boredom and attention-getting barking) but is designed to have no effect on instinctual or protective barking.

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