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How The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack Works | The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack

How The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack Works | The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack

Dog Silencer Pro: How The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack Works

Dogs Hear Differently
Doggy Ears
God equipped dogs with great hearing devices which are much more effective than our human ears when it comes to hearing noises in the distance.
For many years dogs have been used to guard property and alert their owners of danger before the dangers were even visible to the human eye.
Throughout history, this particular quality of the dog, its superior sense of hearing has been greatly appreciated buy the humans who own them.
Dogs Hear Differently
A dogs sense of hearing is improved exponentially by the effective shape of the ear and by the fact that the dog’s ears are equipped with 18 muscles that allow them to quickly flick their ears towards the direction of the noise source.
Dogs are able to hear much higher frequencies than humans.
According to Animal Health Care:
It is estimated that dogs may hear up to 45,000 Hertz , a sense of sound much more superior to humans which can merely reach up to 23,000 Hertz.
The Dog Silencer Pro will produce sounds throughout a wide range of frequencies dipping down into the audible range of humans but the majority will be above 23,000 Hertz.

The ear drum is the reason that dogs can hear so well.

Sound basically travels from the source in the form of waves that vibrate when they hit the thin membranes which compose the ear drum.
Many owners find it funny when their dog suddenly tilts its head when he or she hears a new interesting noise.
This head tilt is the dog’s way of trying to absorb the new noise as much as possible in order to detect it better.
Different dog breeds have different shaped ears so the effectiveness of the Dog Silencer Pro may be increased or decreased accordingly.
This is only one factor that may determine the effectiveness of the Dog Silencer Pro, as it is only a training device and many factors such as consistency, dog personality and area or neighborhood may effect the results.
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