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Training Your Dog Not To Bark | The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack

Training Your Dog Not To Bark | The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack

Dog Silencer Pro: Training Your Dog Not To Bark

May 12th, 2013

The Sonic Bark Control Collar

Training Your Dog Not To Bark:

How It Works
Dog Salavating
Many years ago a Russian Scientist named Pavlov was conducting tests on animal behavior.
He would ring a bell at the dogs’ dinner time and before he even gave the dogs their food he noticed the dogs would salivate.
Pavlov discovered that the dogs associated the sound of the bell with dinner and they reacted by salivating.
With our products you can use the same principles to eliminate or reduce nuisance barking that Pavlov did to make the dogs salivate.
Your dog can learn quickly to associate the mildly unpleasant sound, and this can teach your dog not to bark without good cause.
All of our products are pet friendly and do not issue painful shock treatments or other inhumane training techniques.
Our proprietary technology communicates to your pet via sonic and ultrasonic sound waves, which present no harm to both the animals or humans.
Pavlov would have approved.
Ivan Pavlov

How Does The Sonic

Bark Control Collar Work?

The Sonic Bark Control Collar emits a high-pitch ultrasonic (inaudible) sound frequency in response to the dog’s barking.
Our proprietary Bark Recognition Technology™ detects barking over all other external sounds.
The Sonic Bark Control Collar ensures the sound frequencies only activate while the dog barks and turns off the precise moment the dog stops barking.
The dog associates the annoying sounds with its barking and stops to avoid the irritating frequencies.

Will I Be Able To Hear The Ultrasonic Sounds?

The low frequency setting will be inaudible to humans.
The highest frequency setting may be slightly audible – similar to a beeping.
Because the Sonic Bark Control Collar is on your dog’s neck, the bark control device goes everywhere your dog goes.
It’s like having your own round-the-clock trainer!

Will The Sonic Bark Control Collar

Hurt The Dogs?

Unlike shock collars that are extremely painful and confusing to dogs, the high pitched sounds emitted by the Sonic Bark Control Collar are completely humane and will not to hurt the dog.
The sounds are simply annoying, and train the dog to associate its barking with the irritating frequencies.

How Long Does It Take The Sonic Bark Control

Collar To Have An Effect On The Barking?

The Sonic Bark Control Collar is a training device, and as with any training method, results may take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

Will The Sonic Bark Control Collar

Eliminate All Barking?

The Sonic Bark Control Collar is specifically designed to stop dogs from nuisance barking – constant barking due to boredom.
The Sonic Bark Control Collar is designed to have no effect on instinctual or protective barking so you will still have an effective guard dog.
In the case of hearing impairment or old age, some dogs may not be affected by the sounds simply because they cannot hear them.

The Sonic Bark Control Collar
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