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Nuisance Barking | The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack

Nuisance Barking | The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack

Dog Silencer Pro: Nuisance Barking

May 4th, 2013

Nuisance Barking?

The Dog Silencer Pro Can Help the Dog Owner

Why is Your Dog Barking?

Dogs bark for different reasons, but most dog owners like to think that their dog is barking because it is protecting the family and the property. But most of the time, dogs will practice nuisance barking. A dog is known to bark for attention. It will also bark out of boredom. It will also bark at every noise it hears or anything it sees, including the birds and squirrels in the backyard. There are dogs that are scared of this big bad world and will bark at anything out of fear. A dog is known for its acute hearing, so what it is barking at is not what humans can necessarily see.

What to do About Nuisance Barking?

When it comes to nuisance barking, people are vague about how they train their dogs from doing this. Over the years, as a dog owner, how many of the following steps have you used to stop the nuisance barking in the name of getting some peace and quiet? As a dog owner confronting nuisance barking, have you:
1) Yelled at the dog or hit the dog.
2) Obedience classes
3) Private dog trainer
4) Electric dog collar (shock)
5) Dog collar emitting citronella
6) Immediately gave the dog attention
7) Gave the dog away

The Dog Silencer Pro to the Rescue

Dog owners have plenty of choices when it comes to dealing with nuisance barking. If you look up nuisance barking on the Internet, one of the first things you’ll see is an ad for the Dog Silencer Pro. If you’ve tried everything else to keep your dog from barking, maybe you’re thinking about ordering this device. The Dog Silencer Pro is under $100 for the regular or the deluxe model. You have 30 days to return this gizmo if it doesn’t keep your dog from nuisance barking.
Dog Silencer Pro Accessories

What You Get for the Money

The Dog Silencer Pro does not take up much space. Standing upright, it measures as big as a postcard and comes equipped with its own removal “rain jacket” to repel an occasional rain shower. You can either use batteries for the unit or plug it into the nearest electrical outlet. The plug-in comes with a remote on a keychain. The remote allows you to turn on the Dog Silencer Pro whenever your dog is out of reach from the allotted space that is covered by the unit. The remote activates the Dog Silencer Pro, so your dog will be reminded to stop barking.

Will the Dog Silencer Pro Harm a Dog’s Hearing?

The sound coming from the Dog Silencer Pro is not a siren, but is it an annoying sound to dogs. According to the maker, the sound given off by the Dog Silencer Pro reminds the dog to stop barking. At the same time, to humans, the sound is equivalent to someone scraping their nails against a chalkboard. The Dog Silencer Pro sounds like a ray gun out of a Star Wars movie or maybe an overweight bird chirping. Barking is only one of the sounds that can set it off. The loud sound of traffic or a train passing nearby will set off the machine. And so would the sound of a door slamming. When the Dog Silencer Pro goes off, it is on for only a very brief time.
Dog Silencer Pro will not prevent a dog from the type of barking to protect the family and property. If your dog is determined to bark, it will bark.


  • A Dog Silencer Pro unit can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be plugged in or battery-operated. As a plug-in, it uses very little energy.
  • One unit is all you’ll need to alter the nuisance barking of one or more dogs.
  • Depending on the dog, according to the manufacturer, the Dog Silencer Pro takes about 3 weeks for a dog to get acquainted with to the unit. A dog could bark more than usual as it gets used to the sound of the alarm. The Dog Silencer Pro will not damage a dog’s hearing. The alarm is not loud, but it is annoying only to a dog.
  • The hand-held remote can be used if the dog is 500 feet out of range. It will turn on the Dog Silencer Pro without the dog owner having to walk over and turn on the machine.
  • The strength of the Dog Silencer Pro cannot go through ceilings, walls and fences.
  • It has a range of 75 feet.
  • If you wanted to control the nuisance barking in your front yard and your back yard, you will need to manually use the remote or buy units for both areas or move the unit to each area that you place your dog.

The Dog Silencer Pro is Not Limited to Dog Owners

Some pet owners have a hard time understanding that their furry children can do wrong. Have you ever tried to confront a dog owner about the dog’s excessive nuisance barking? How hard was it to get the dog owner to see your point of view and take your complaint seriously? Dog owners, on the subject of their dog barking, are usually good at denial and a cold shoulder when confronted. If the subject of nuisance barking does not get resolved, you will either suffer because of the barking or will go as far as complaining to the authorities.
People who do not own dogs, but have problems with their neighbors’ dogs and their barking, can also benefit from the Dog Silencer Pro. A unit hung from a tree or positioned on a fence does the same job on nuisance barking from the dogs next door. A hand-held remote will also work when these dogs bark, but are located away from the range of feet covered. When placed in the right area, the sound of the Dog Silencer Pro will be annoying enough for your neighbor’s dogs to quit barking. Since the unit is being used from your property, you are not required to inform your neighbor that you have it and are putting it to use.

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