Friday, January 21, 2011

Can A Dog Behaviorist Help Me?

My name is Dave and boy do I have troubles.

I'm in need of a dog behaviorist.

What’s Up Shellys Aggressive Dog Behavior?

My dog Shelly is a nine year old, 90 lb Rottweiler and I love my big, stinky, aggressive puppy dearly.

She has been with me since she was just a puppy and while it has been a rewarding and definitely wonderful nine year journey, I believe we both would have benefited enormously from a dog behaviorist.

We made it through the puppy breath months and her ‘biting puppy’ phase with her needle sharp puppy teeth poking into everything, including me.

Her constant yapping and whining were just barely tolerable at bedtime and while I’m not a certified dog behaviorist, I knew she just behaved that way to get attention, so I did the best I could.

There were days though, that my tiny K-9 got negative attention for all of her efforts.

I’m not too proud of those days.


I Didn’t Want to Treat my Puppy Dog Bad

I didn’t want to be mean to my dog and I never wanted my Shelly-bean to ever be afraid of me but, as a single guy with no clue about dog training or obedience training, this is exactly what was starting to happen. My dog training methods included yelling at her more than talking to her and smacking her instead of petting her to correct her bad dog behavior. I was basically teaching her how to be an aggressive puppy and it was starting to show in how she reacted to my commands.



Somehow I figured out how to get her to go potty outside and aside from the occasional accident every now and again, her puppy potty training was a pretty painless process.

I was very consistent when it came to letting her out every few hours.

This was about the only bit of puppy training I got right.

Any dog behaviorist would have been proud.

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