Sunday, January 23, 2011

You Must Be Part Of Your Dogs Training!

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The Ultimate Dog Silencer Collar

Good Life Got It Right

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Lots of folks have tried but the Good Life Company finally got it right.

Now there is a dog silencing training collar that really does work.

No shocks, no squirts or startling buzz/vibrations… just a series of annoying high pitched frequencies (that only dogs can hear) emitting from the training collar in a brief burst and ONLY when the dog barks.

Hearing Test

When I say “annoying frequencies”, try to imagine the hearing tests you had as a kid…

  • (left ear) boooooop…
  • (right ear) beeeeep….
  • (press the button when you hear a sound).

Not dangerous or harmful, just annoying.

This is the idea behind the Ultimate Dog Silencer training collar, to create a passive irritant that is associated with unnecessary barking.

Not A Magic Potion

You Must Be Part Of Your Dogs Training!

If you have come into this process thinking that the Ultimate Dog Silencer is a mystical potion or magic wand that will miraculously make your dog stop barking, it pains me to say, you have been disillusioned (pun intended) and you will be an unhappy customer.

Good news though, you will get your money back, that is a Good Life guarantee.

The Ultimate Dog Silencer™

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